or Kio·to

[ kee-oh-toh; Japanese kyaw-taw ]


  1. a city on S Honshu, in central Japan: the capital of Japan a.d. 794–1868.


/ kɪˈəʊtəʊ; ˈkjəʊ- /


  1. a city in central Japan, on S Honshu: the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868; cultural centre, with two universities (1875, 1897). Pop: 1 387 264 (2002 est)

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Example Sentences

Brad Pitt stars as one of many largely uninteresting hit-persons rattling around on Japan’s high-speed you-know-what as it whirs from Tokyo to Kyoto.

From Time

The first was a 313-foot container ship called the Mikage, which sailed 161 nautical miles from Tsuruga Port, north of Kyoto, to Sakai Port near Osaka.

Users may experience it as a diversion that, through micro-lessons starring sometimes aggressive and always quirky cartoon characters, helps them retain the vocabulary they picked up on their last trip to Barcelona or Kyoto.

From Quartz

It was established in Kyoto in the 1860s according to the yakuza history book Ninkyojuku.

The Kyoto District Court handed down the verdict on March 22.

On the other hand, leaks of methane from natural gas wells could be pushing the U.S. over the Kyoto target for that gas.

She has published several books including Old Kyoto - A Guide to Shops, Inns and Restaurants.

Kyoto, Japan, is one of my favorite places for the refinement of the food and the ambiance of the city.

One of these copies was presented to the Emperor and a second is preserved in the temple, Senyu-ji, Kyoto.

I remember the loneliness of a New York girl who had gone to live in Kyoto.

I had the pleasure of visiting both this college and Kyoto University.

I come from Nara and Kyoto, and this may be one of the reasons that everything is so far below my expectations.

On the self-same night that Fuji-yama rose out of the earth, a strange thing happened in the mountainous district near Kyoto.


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