[ ley-see ]


  1. a town in W Washington.

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Example Sentences

This was the core group of parents who’d begun planning prom a month and a half before — led by Lacey’s mother, Sherry, who first got the idea while chatting with women from her church.

Sandy had remembered the name of Dave’s girlfriend — Bassett is the kind of town where dating lives never stay private for long — and told Lacey to look in the binder near the papers belonging to someone named Faith.

“It’s more a sense of, we can reach a whole lot more people than you can on your Twitter account,” Lacey said.

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Matthew Carey, a physician assistant in Lacey, Washington didn’t know his union existed when he took the job at the MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care clinics, and he wasn’t excited about joining.

From Time

That’s why he was in Lacey, but I don’t know anything about, like, those people or anything.

Lacey Noonan's A Gronking to Remember makes 50 Shades of Grey look like Madame Bovary in terms of its literary sophistication.

One visitor, an elderly woman named Mrs. Lacey, relays an anecdote about her American son-in-law.

“An update that I received the 60 [packages] you sent off on March 25 & 26th,” Lacey wrote.

Lacey Spears is accused of killing her son by poisoning him with salt.

Lacey Spears allegedly killed her son via lethal doses of salt.

There were brave men standing on the bank by the Lacey House, who had watched the proceedings during the long hours.

Do you see that orange-and-black striped blazer—there by the seaweed: he's pointing; that's Philip Lacey.

A foot or so over Mr. Morrell's head, Mrs. Lacey replies that Mr. Lacey hasn't decided yet.

So at least it seemed to Philip, and bad enough surely that would have been; but Mrs. Lacey made it far, far worse.

Mr. Topham, in the meantime, tackled Mrs. Lacey on certain problems of the Distribution of Wealth, with no happier results.





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