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[ lak-luhs-ter ]


  1. lacking lack brilliance or radiance; dull:

    lackluster eyes.

  2. lacking lack liveliness, vitality, spirit, or enthusiasm:

    a lackluster performance.


  1. a lack of brilliance or vitality.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lackluster1

First recorded in 1590–1600; lack + luster 1

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Example Sentences

However, rates leveled off in recent days, rising slightly following a lackluster jobs report and slipping on Wednesday after inflation data showed price pressures remained tame.

A lonely and lackluster student with little aptitude for athletics, he found sanctuary in a drama class and then a calling as an actor.

Failed acquisitions, lackluster management and customers’ preference for downloading new games rather than buying them in stores had shaved nearly 70 percent from the share price.

Running back David Johnson managed a lackluster 1,005 yards from scrimmage last year, ultimately ranking him 51st out of 63 qualified rushers per Pro Football Focus.

In particular, Casper’s lackluster IPO at the beginning of 2020 helped fuel concerns that DTC startups would fail to grow rapidly enough and justify their lofty valuations.

From Digiday

Paris as depicted by contemporary photography appears… lackluster.

Many jazz fans were puzzled by this finding, which seems incompatible with the lackluster sales figures in the genre.

“The Break Up” was as satisfying of an ending as possible given the lackluster season.

Your chef is stuck in a creative rut, churning out lackluster food in a lackluster—albeit popular—restaurant.

Her move to regain control of the Occupy feed seems to have been due to frustration with the lackluster state of the revolution.

They looked at us from their doors with lackluster eyes and apparent indifference.

Willard gazed through the window with lackluster eyes and shook his head feebly.

"I have nothing to tell her," said George—he raised two lackluster eyes and fixed them with a sort of dull stare on Lawson's face.

And yet, as Max looked at her—at this helpless, infirm old creature with the palsied hands and the lackluster eyes—he shivered.

But she said it from her bed, her eyes fixed in a 155 lackluster stare on the little oval gleam of the miniature.


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