[ lad ]
/ læd /


a boy or youth.
Informal. a familiar or affectionate term of address for a man; chap.
British Horseracing Informal. a stable boy.

Origin of lad

1250–1300; Middle English ladde < ?; compare late Old English Ladda (nickname)


lad·dish, adjectivelad·hood, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for lad

/ (læd) /


a boy or young man
informal a familiar form of address for any male
a lively or dashing man or youth (esp in the phrase a bit of a lad)
a young man whose behaviour is characteristic of male adolescents, esp in being rowdy, macho, or immature
British a boy or man who looks after horses

Word Origin for lad

C13 ladde; perhaps of Scandinavian origin
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