[ ley-gash ]


  1. an ancient Sumerian city between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, at the modern village of Telloh in SE Iraq: a palace, statuary, and inscribed clay tablets unearthed here.

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Example Sentences

“There could have been multiple evolving ways for Lagash to be a city of marsh islands as human occupation and environmental change reshaped the landscape,” Hammer says.

He scrambled back to the road and walked onward a little faster, until the battlements of Lagash came in sight.

The tablets in question include texts belonging both to first and second Dynasties of Lagash (Tell).

Some time after, Lagash succeeded in asserting her independence, and many of her subsequent rulers style themselves “kings.”

But the importance of Lagash was soon to pass away, and Ur became the dominating power in Babylonia.

Entemena, one of the more famous rulers of the first dynasty of Lagash, and takes the form of a magnificent silver vase.


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