Laguna Beach


  1. a town in S California.

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Example Sentences

That Selling Sunset is created by Adam DiVello, who also created docusoap classics Laguna Beach and The Hills, adds fuel to the speculative fire.

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Hano became an environmental activist in Laguna Beach, then spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer with his wife in Costa Rica in the early 1990s.

Instead of getting clinical instruction on things like human anatomy and reproduction, she turned to reality shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills to better understand women’s sex lives.

From Time

I watched Laguna Beach, and both of its subsidiaries—The Hills and The City—religiously.

One thing The O.C. started is all the copycat shows, from The Real Housewives of Orange County to Laguna Beach.

Brown came home to Laguna Beach, got married, and began living the LDS life.

Lauren is Lauren Conrad, of the now-defunct MTV reality shows The Hills and Laguna Beach.

Lo Bosworth had been L.C.'s friend from elementary school to Laguna Beach to The Hills.

Five species of barnacles were found last summer at Laguna Beach.

This small species was found in Sycamore canyon, near Laguna Beach.

This paper is a preliminary article on the Caprellid of Laguna Beach, and deals with species that have so far been identified.

The blood corpuscles of a large number of vertebrates were studied at Laguna Beach during the past summer.

Two specimens taken on a holdfast that was thrown up on the beach at Laguna Beach during July, 1914.





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