or lais·sez-al·ler

[ le-sey-a-ley ]

  1. unchecked freedom or ease; unrestraint; looseness.

Origin of laisser-aller

Literally, “to allow to go”

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How to use laisser-aller in a sentence

  • Nothing offends an eye accustomed to our native laisser aller so much as a well-brushed hat and shining boots.

    Worldly Ways and Byways | Eliot Gregory
  • So laisser aller is the cry of the age, a dead negation of thought and volition.

  • This was often mortifying to me, but I think I liked it better on the whole than the laisser-aller indifference of Washington.

  • Its easy laisser-aller, its lax rule, and its indifference to regular forms were at an end.

    Olive | Dinah Maria Craik, (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)
  • But who could have believed in such complete indifference, in the utter laisser-aller of such a life?

    A Daughter of Eve | Honore de Balzac