laissez aller

laisser aller

/ French (lese ale) /

  1. lack of constraint; freedom

Origin of laissez aller

literally: let go

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How to use laissez aller in a sentence

  • There was a joviality, a laissez-aller in the air of the place, with which soda and brandy seemed quite in harmony.

    Mount Royal, Volume 3 of 3 | Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  • It is Paris with an added laissez aller, Paris set to a new tune.

    In Vanity Fair | Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd
  • A certain laissez-aller marked the day from its earliest beginnings.

    The War-Workers | E.M. Delafield
  • Of a naturally indolent character, Cherif always represented the laissez aller side of Egyptian politics.

  • The laissez-aller policy is very suitable to the genius of the genuine Irish, who may be said to rule the roost in Tipperary.

    Ireland as It Is | Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)