or La·kho·ta

[ luh-koh-tuh ]


  1. another name for Teton 1.

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Example Sentences

The show included songs from popular musicals as well as pieces performed in English, Spanish, Korean and Lakota.

We’ve lost so many elders, a lot of Lakota speakers and what they took with them, we’re never going to get back.

As the bill failed in the Senate, a pigtailed member of the Lakota Sioux tribe stood up in the gallery and began chanting.

She wrote for alternative weekly papers in the first two states, and tried to learn Lakota in the last.

In the flank, the brown team and Lakota, the menagerie following behind.

When we were behind time and the mail was light or there was money going out, we ran Lakota through as a pony express.

Lakota was a gift from the Indians, whose name meant "banded together as friends."

The team, Fan and Bill, and Lakota were the only horses tied up in the hay barn.

With the signed paper in my hands I saddled Lakota and streaked off for the thirty-five-mile trip to Pierre.