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[ luh-men-ting ]


  1. speaking of something with sorrow, regret, or disappointment; evoking feelings of this kind:

    After the controlled mayhem of their first number, the band went into a laid-back groove with a lamenting melody on the sax.

    As sure as the season changes, we are once again hearing the lamenting call of British Columbia's most vocal crusader against salmon farming.

  2. mourning or grieving over something, especially death or profound loss or suffering:

    In some countries, people follow the custom of leading a procession with the decorated body of the dead, for the benefit of the lamenting relatives.


  1. the act of grieving or of expressing regret or disappointment:

    Complain and point the finger all you want, but this is not a problem that lamenting will solve.

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Other Words From

  • la·ment·ing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lamenting1

First recorded in 1510–20; lament ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective senses; lament ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun sense

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Example Sentences

Early in 2013, Allison Janney was lamenting her inability to find another TV series job.

A rap anthem lamenting racism and urban violence might follow, or maybe some gospel bit rarely heard even in church anymore.

CW-1 recorded Bonventre lamenting the problems of getting gamblers to make good on their losses in this post-Goodfellas world.

These two men have joined the ranks of those lamenting our increased reliance on our electronic devices.

The discontent prompted Smith to write a long missive lamenting the mismanagement and corruption within the colony.

He chiefly divided his time between the House of Lords and sitting at home, lamenting over his own ill-starred existence.

An affectionate wife lamenting over her sick husband, he bade her dry her tears, for possibly he might recover.

He was a sincere and energetic Calvinist, and in 1565 he wrote to Cecil lamenting the measures taken against the Puritans.

At this time a little boy had not come home at the proper time, and the mother came to our house lamenting.

Mrs. Bassett kept lamenting to Professor Kelton her husband's protracted delay in Colorado.