[ ley-mee-uh ]
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noun,plural la·mi·as, la·mi·ae [ley-mee-ee] /ˈleɪ miˌi/ for 1, 2.
  1. Classical Mythology. one of a class of fabulous monsters, commonly represented with the head and breast of a woman and the body of a serpent, said to allure youths and children in order to suck their blood.

  2. a vampire; a female demon.

  1. (initial capital letter, italics) a narrative poem (1819) by John Keats.

Origin of lamia

1350–1400; Middle English <Latin <Greek lámia a female man-eater

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  • Indeed the passion of Demetrius for lamia caused not only his wives but his friends to dislike her and be jealous of her.

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/ (ˈleɪmɪə) /

nounplural -mias or -miae (-mɪˌiː)
  1. classical myth one of a class of female monsters depicted with a snake's body and a woman's head and breasts

  2. a vampire or sorceress

Origin of lamia

C14: via Latin from Greek Lamia

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