lamp chimney


a glass tube that surrounds the wick in an oil lamp

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Historical Examples of lamp chimney

  • From below up the stairs came a sudden draught, and the flame leaped in the lamp-chimney.

    None Other Gods

    Robert Hugh Benson

  • There was everything in there, from a pepper-box to a mattress, and from a lamp-chimney to a Winchester rifle.

  • How is it that a stick of sealing-wax or a lamp-chimney, when rubbed, attracts bits of paper or elder pith?

    Mysterious Psychic Forces

    Camille Flammarion

  • Four of them did not answer to the finger-print test, but the fifth showed a facsimile of the print on the lamp-chimney.

  • It was evidently felt in the engine-room as well, for Amundsen had a bottle and a lamp-chimney smashed.

    Farthest North

    Fridtjof Nansen