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    land/fall on one's feet, feet(def 3).
    see how the land lies, to investigate in advance; inform oneself of the facts of a situation before acting: You should see how the land lies before making a formal proposal.Compare lay of the land.

Origin of land

before 900; Middle English (noun and v.), Old English (noun); cognate with Dutch, German, Old Norse, Gothic land; akin to Irish lann, Welsh llan church (orig. enclosure), Breton lann heath. See lawn1

Related formsland·like, adjectivere·land, verbun·der·land, noun


[ land ]
/ lænd /


Edwin Herbert,1909–91, U.S. inventor and businessman: created the Polaroid camera.


a combining form of land: hinterland; lowland. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (lænd) /



Derived Formslandless, adjectivelandlessness, noun

Word Origin for land

Old English; compare Old Norse, Gothic land, Old High German lant


/ (lænd) /


Edwin Herbert. 1909–91, US inventor of the Polaroid Land camera


/ German (lant) /

noun plural Länder (ˈlɛndər)

  1. any of the federal states of Germany
  2. any of the provinces of Austria
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