/ (ˈlændəmən) /

  1. (sometimes capital) the chairman of the governing council in any of several Swiss cantons

Origin of landammann

C18: Swiss German, from Land country + Ammann, from Amt office + Mann man

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How to use landammann in a sentence

  • The office of landammann is one (p. 422) of dignity and honor, at least locally, but it is not one of large authority.

    The Governments of Europe | Frederic Austin Ogg
  • Footnote 614: In the Landesgemeinde cantons the landammann is elected by the primary assembly.

    The Governments of Europe | Frederic Austin Ogg
  • At the head of this he placed a Swiss landammann with almost plein pouvoir.

  • An address by the landammann follows, and then the business of the day is entered upon.

  • The installation of the landammann himself is the closing scene, and the most impressive one.