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  1. Fran·ces·co [frahn-ches-kaw] /frɑnˈtʃɛs kɔ/, c1325–97, Italian organist and composer.
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Also Lan·di·no [lahn-dee-naw] /lɑnˈdi nɔ/.
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Historical Examples of landini

  • He had almost uttered the first word when Landini anticipated him.

    Aurora the Magnificent

    Gertrude Hall

  • Italo says,” she began, after a silence such as often fell while she posed and he painted, “that Mr. Landini has the evil eye.

  • Charlie had planned how people should sit, and Mr. Landini was on one side of me, and he was making himself terribly agreeable.

  • He felt a sharp prick of annoyance with himself for not having been quicker as much as with Landini for having been so quick.

  • Landini ceremoniously held his arm for her and Gerald saw them leave together with a lessened objection.