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  1. Ken·e·saw Mountain [ken, -, uh, -saw], 1866–1944, U.S. jurist: first commissioner of baseball 1920–44.

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The Landis had coached Madison Kocian, Biles’ 2016 Olympics teammate and a survivor of Nassar’s abuse, and they helped ease her back into the rigor—mental as well as physical—of elite training.

From Time

Landis is content to let Rainey be one, both, or neither, depending on the moment.

Invited to be the guest of honor, Landis was then forced to come face to face with the people that he fooled.

Funded on Kickstarter, the filmmakers began the project after reading a riveting 2011 profile on Landis in The New York Times.

Instead, Landis hinted at his next project—returning lost or stolen works to their rightful owners.

Since then, the museum registrar has become borderline obsessive in devoting his time to stopping Landis.

In Chicago the employers' side was aggressively upheld by a "citizens' committee" formed to enforce the Landis award.

I don't want to parade you through the streets until I know where Landis is to be found and how he'll receive you.

Landis turned his head slowly and his eye darkened a little as he met the reddish, unshaven face of the stranger.

Outside Landis shot several questions at him in swift succession; he wanted to know how the girl had happened to make the trip.

A shadow swept across the side of the tent; it was Landis waving his arm carelessly.





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