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/ lændz /

plural noun

  1. holdings in land
  2. the part of a farm on which crops are grown
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Example Sentences

The honored dead came from all over the world, from different lands, spoke different languages.

The king set about punishing Marshal, opposing his attempts to establish his family in their lands in Ireland and Wales.

After checking out a few more varieties, she lands on one that feels close enough to home.

Construction is due to begin before the end of December, which means that lands will be taken, villages relocated.

The stream of bubbly from the popped champagne bottle creates an angelic arc over her, and lands right in the glass.

Migration to distant occupations or to foreign lands was but for the adventurous few.

But sharper and closer anxieties than any connected with rights to lands and homes were pressing upon Alessandro and Ramona.

The white ranchmen in the valley were all fencing in their lands; no more free running of stock.

Nevertheless she triumphed; he had made her a peeress, and she did care for that; she cared also for the broad lands of Hartledon.

There is a deeper, richer soil, with far less stone on the level low lands.


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