[ länzh-văn ]

  1. French physicist who during World War I pioneered the use of sonar techniques to detect submarines. He also advanced the theory of magnetism and the study of the molecular structure of gases.

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How to use Langevin in a sentence

  • The outline of the castle is egg-shaped; and the following are its dimensions, in French measure, according to M. Langevin.

  • The next morning, Fougas, laden down like a miller's ass with bon-bons, presented himself at M. Langevin's.

  • M. Langevin here made his appearance, freshly shaven and rubicund—a fine specimen of the sub-prefect in embryo.

  • He detailed the romance of his life, without omitting anything, but with many delicate touches for the filial ears of M. Langevin.

  • He smiled to himself on regarding Grandfather Langevin, the reputed progenitor of this numerous family.