[ lang-stuhn ]


  1. John Mercer, 1829–97, U.S. public official, diplomat, and educator.
  2. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

He saved Langston at a time when it might have wasted away into the Anacostia River.

Elder’s connection to the nation’s capital, to Langston, is long and deep.

In the years ahead, Langston is supposed to serve as the home course for the new Howard golf team that’s being started in part with funding from NBA star Stephen Curry.

Langston would charge the stage and spit terrible jokes out of his mouth at a mile a minute.

From Ozy

Langston, the TSA spokesman, said the case counts at the agency are in line with national numbers.

That, as Langston Hughes would say, is deep like the rivers.

But what Langston Hughes called "the quarter of the Negroes," is not the area of our world most threatened by a falling sky.

Let me tell you I was pleased with your skeleton of Mr. Langston's sermon, and I should be glad of such another bag of bones.

Mr. Langston retained his position as dean under the then trying conditions until 1874, when he resigned.

Convinced that a permanent president must be at once secured, Mr. Langston resigned the vice-presidency in 1875.

The Committee on privileges and elections voted in favor of Mr. Langston.

It was half an hour before she reappeared, and Langston was on his knees in the parlor—packing books.