[ luh-neer ]


  1. Sidney, 1842–81, U.S. poet and literary scholar.

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Ken Starr, the former independent counsel whose probe led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, will also be a part of the team from Lanier’s firm, Bloomberg reported.

From Fortune

Funny, gaining the attention of passersby like Lanier is exactly why organizers fought so hard to host this rally where they did.

“The child is in good condition and in protective custody,” Chief Cathy Lanier of the Washington, D.C., Police later reported.

Lanier suggested that the incident was not the result of somebody mistakenly driving into a barricade and then panicking.

According to D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, the SWAT team was deployed on base within seven minutes.

Lanier has since said the white male has been identified and is no longer considered a suspect.

I found also that some $21,000 of Klan funds had been given the Lanier University without security.

Sydney Lanier says that two things are necessary to the making of a real home,—an open fire and music.

Randall heard Milton and Lanier choke with the horror that shook his own heart and brain as he gazed.

Lanier and I are actually going to flash out over the gulf to the planet Mars to-night.

He opened his eyes, drawing himself to his feet as Milton and Lanier were doing, and stared about him.