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noun plural Lapithae (ˈlæpɪˌθiː) or Lapiths
  1. Greek myth a member of a people in Thessaly who at the wedding of their king, Pirithoüs, fought the drunken centaurs
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Historical Examples of lapith

  • It was as if the Lapith and Centaurs had got together by the ears.

    Wanderings in Corsica, Vol. 1 of 2

    Ferdinand Gregorovius

  • God grant they may not prove to be the feasts of the Lapith and Centaurs!

  • We close this chapter with an account of Centaurs and Lapith.

  • The combat of the centaurs and Lapith is told at some length, with too many names and too little unity.

  • It was but a little to the north of the land of the Lapith, whose name, in its latter two-thirds, is I-apod.


    Robert Gordon Latham