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[ lapst ]


  1. expired; voided; terminated:

    a lapsed insurance policy.

  2. no longer committed to or following the tenets of a particular belief, obligation, position, etc.:

    a lapsed Catholic.

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Other Words From

  • un·lapsed adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of lapsed1

First recorded in 1610–20; lapse + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

It does this by closing a tax loophole, reinstating a lapsed tax and a few other smaller measures, such as raising the royalty rate for new fossil fuel leases on public lands.

It’s much easier to keep traffic flowing than to regain loyalty and interest from lapsed consumers.

They’re also seeing an increase in cavities and gum disease that may be due to a combination of lapsed appointments, pandemic eating and drinking habits, and less-than-stellar brushing and flossing.

Coupon, voucher and rewards strategies — potentially combined with in-store redemption where applicable — have the potential to drive new, existing and lapsed customers to conversion.

From Digiday

His continued enthusiasm for his work, when most other people would have long since lapsed into retirement, was remarkable.

Scheuer aired his views first to CBS News, then on Fox News when his CBS contract lapsed.

However, the act lapsed in 2011 and Congress had a difficult time renewing it.

Evans, 31, whose eyes gleam behind a mess of blonde hair, was a formerly committed Christian whose faith had lapsed.

Sher lapsed into prayer, imploring Allah to make the executions stop.

Eusebius, the successor of Marcellus, was also banished on account of the controversy concerning the lapsed.

Mildred introduced Diotti to her father, who after a few commonplaces lapsed into silence.

After a minute or two, the silence grew oppressive, and they began to converse again, but soon again lapsed into silence.

He lapsed into silence after that, and Sara Lee, stealing a glance at him, saw his face set and hard.

Then Richard lapsed again into a stupor; and when next he saw the world, he was in the miller's house.





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