any coniferous tree of the genus Larix, yielding a tough durable wood.
the wood of such a tree.

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Origin of larch

1540–50; earlier larche < Middle High GermanLatin laric- (stem of larix) larch

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any coniferous tree of the genus Larix, having deciduous needle-like leaves and egg-shaped cones: family Pinaceae
the wood of any of these trees

Word Origin for larch

C16: from German Lärche, ultimately from Latin larix

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Word Origin and History for larch



1540s, from German Lärche, from Middle High German larche, from Old High German *larihha, from Latin larix (genitive laricis), probably a loan-word from an Alpine Gaulish language, corresponding phonetically to Old Celtic *darik- "oak" (see Druid and tree).

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