Large Black


  1. a heavy black breed of pig with long lop ears: used for crossbreeding

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Example Sentences

Our large black-and-white Caidale tents were pitched above a fast-flowing river alive with croaking frogs.

One explosion blew out the large black main gate of the Iranian mission, damaging the three-story facility.

Banning and Allen charted their course by choosing towns with large black populations.

When Ron is dragged into a shack by a large black dog, Harry and Hermione follow as the true identities are revealed.

She opened a large black fan and moved it slowly while looking intently at her son's bent profile.

Her rosy cheeks were deadly pale now, and wet with the tears that flowed unceasingly from her large black eyes.

The girl was dressed in a pearl grey and pink sports coat, with a large black hat, and carried a silver chain handbag.

She is tall and slender, a decided brunette, with large black eyes, full of expression.

I had been right and wrong too, for on the doorstep there was a large black dog.





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