lark bunting

  1. a finch, Calamospiza melanocorys, of the western U.S., the male of which is black with a large, white patch on each wing.

Origin of lark bunting

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40

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How to use lark bunting in a sentence

  • Here we first saw and heard that captivating bird, the lark bunting, as will be fully set forth in the closing chapter.

    Birds of the Rockies | Leander Sylvester Keyser
  • The bird to which I refer is called the lark bunting in plain English, or, in scientific terms, Calamospiza melanocorys.

    Birds of the Rockies | Leander Sylvester Keyser
  • This is the snow-lark-bunting of Macgillivray, and a species of the genus Plectrophanes.

    Everyday Objects | W. H. Davenport Adams
  • The lark bunting is an uncommon winter visitant in Coahuila.