/ (lɑːn) /

verbnot standard
  1. facetious to learn

  2. (tr) to teach (someone) a lesson: that'll larn you!

Origin of larn

C18: from a dialect form of learn

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How to use larn in a sentence

  • And all the fal-lals and di-does they larn em in high school now doesnt amount to a row of pins in practical life.

  • She couldn't larn, an' de Lord took her whar dey don't ask what you knows,—only dis: does you lub de Lord?

    The Cromptons | Mary J. Holmes
  • I suppose they don't have to go to school to larn how to bite something that they dislike so much they want to eat it.

    Mr. Dooley Says | Finley Dunne
  • They jest poke 'em out o' the nest, an' larn 'em to fly an' pick up their own livin'; an' that's what makes birds on 'em.

    Sevenoaks | J. G. Holland
  • Let's teach 'em nothing at all, if we can't larn 'em something better than wrangling about religion.