/ (lɒːn) /

  1. a district of NE Northern Ireland, in Co Antrim. Pop: 30 948 (2003 est). Area: 336 sq km (130 sq miles)

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How to use Larne in a sentence

  • You know well enough what a—a—lie, if I must say it, you told me about Mag's havin' a beau at Larne, and she says she didn't.

    Duffels | Edward Eggleston
  • If it hadn't 'a' been fer that fellow down at Larne there wouldn't never 'a' been anything betwixt me and Dora.

    Duffels | Edward Eggleston
  • Larne lies on the northeast coast of Ireland, some twenty miles north of Belfast.

  • We put in at Larne in expectation of getting some news of the marauders we were in search of, but found none.

    Kilgorman | Talbot Baines Reed
  • The forces of the Crown, which winked at the Larne gun-running, made themselves active at Howth.

    Ireland Since Parnell | Daniel Desmond Sheehan