[ lahrz; Swedish, Norwegian lahrs ]


  1. a male given name, form of Lawrence.

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Example Sentences

Inevitably, there’s also a cynical undercover reporter, Evans’ Lars, preparing to write an exposé on Tranquillum.

From Time

Reading a Lars Iyer novel, you find yourself becoming one with the author and his obsessions.

Lars von Trier, the terribly talented Danish provocateur, is quite a character.

Eventually she handed over the Moomin cartoon strip to her brother Lars.

Still, one has to imagine that it's probably tamer than what Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier might have cooked up.

“I like to challenge the audience,” Gelman says citing diverse acts from NWA to Lars von Trier as influences.

They then returned to the house which was purified by an offering to the Lars, and the funeral rites were over.

Fast by the royal standard, o'erlooking all the war, Lars Porsena of Clusium sat in his ivory car.

But if it was Lars Moe's intention to convey such a message to his daughter, he failed to take into account his daughter's spirit.

Lars became suddenly aware that it was a foolhardy thing he had undertaken, and that he had better betake himself home.

Lars, who on the way had been buoyed up by the sense of his heroism, began now to feel strangely uncomfortable.





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