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last hurrah


  1. a politician's final campaign.
  2. any final attempt, competition, performance, success, or the like:

    his last hurrah as a college football star.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of last hurrah1

From The Last Hurrah, a novel (1956) by U.S. author Edwin O'Connor (1918–68)

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Example Sentences

The skies cleared the final day of my test ride, so I sped around the Beltway for one last hurrah.

In my last hurrah here I want to thank you all for welcoming me into your communities, teaching me about yourselves and the people and issues that matter most to you, and trusting me with your stories.

Michael Vick The next couple seasons should be the last hurrah for the almost 34-year-old quarterback.

If this is indeed her last hurrah, as many Democrats were predicting yesterday, Pelosi gave no hint of when she might step down.

In honor of this last hurrah, The Daily Beast has combed through clips of past debates.

"This is my last hurrah," a woman in her 40s told me last year.

Is the last hurrah of the feminist movement to put a bunch of antiabortion Republican females in public office?

I've been having a splendid lot of tennis lately, got the back-handed lifting stroke at last—hurrah!

Then, the clock strikes; the lights are put out, Carnival dies amid one last hurrah.

Nobody of the present day would utter the first, nor especially the last hurrah.


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