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  1. modifier done in desperation at the last minute

    a last-gasp attempt to save the talks

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Idioms and Phrases

The moment before death; also, the end. For example, “Fight till the last gasp” (Shakespeare, 1 Henry VI , 1:2), or He was determined to stay at the party until the last gasp . This idiom alludes to taking one's last breath, literally (first example) or figuratively (second example). [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

But what is supposed to be a celebration of the genre soon feels like the last gasp of a golden era gone by.

Portugal snatches victory from the U.S. at the very last gasp.

DS: I think that moment was the last gasp of the old culture, because 9/11 was a shock.

It is seen as a last-gasp effort to finally solve the mystery of his November 2004 death in France.

ABC asked “Is South Carolina the Last Gasp for Tea Party in GOP Nomination?”

Doesn't it seem strange, that when I am at the last gasp with agony, I should find myself thinking of lines of poetry?

The traitorous repulse that we have suffered indicates the last gasp, the final convulsions of the dying.

With despair set upon their faces, the Yale men went to the bat, ready to fight to the last gasp.

To the last gasp he would maintain his hold on life, and give fortune a chance to save him.

When a man appeals against his love to the woman who loves him, his resolutions are at their last gasp for existence.


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