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last minute

[ min-it ]


  1. the time just preceding a deadline or when some decisive action must be taken.



  1. modifier given or done at the latest possible time

    last-minute preparations

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Other Words From

  • last-minute adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of last minute1

First recorded in 1915–20

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Example Sentences

The bill will now start making its way through the Assembly, where it got hung up at the last minute last year, leading to some serious tension between Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Center Nicklas Backstrom had a huge day for Washington’s dynamic top line, too, scoring the Capitals’ final goal in the last minute of the second period and adding two assists.

They’re easy to order at the very last minute, easy to give from afar and they’ll spread the gifting fun out over weeks and months.

Larry Kramer, the renowned activist and playwright, was invited to talk after a last minute cancelation.

After much frantic buzzing about the lot, he's located and changes his plans at the last minute.

But fans still feel the death was a last-minute decision made for shock value rather than to serve the story.

It worked, but it was not a last-minute strategy, he insists.

Site agents, many of them former and future shift agents, know that everything changes at the last minute.

I told her I felt so dreadfully to think I had met the person I ought to have met four years ago, at the last minute, so.

Harry's heart stood still; was the ambuscade to be discovered at the last minute?

It was the first theater Bud had entered since he left San Jose, and at the last minute he hesitated, tempted to turn back.

He had quite recovered himself within the last minute or two, he was his cunning self again.

I shall remain until the last minute, certainly until I know what Elton's plans are.





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