[ lei-ter ]
/ ˈlɛɪ tər /


a comparative of late:Her later years were not happy.


a comparative of late: The meeting ran later than we expected.
afterward, subsequently, or at a time in the future (sometimes followed by on): She later said she was sorry. I'll see you later. Let's decide about this later on.

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British Dictionary definitions for later on


/ (ˈleɪtə) /

adjective, adverb

the comparative of late


afterwards; subsequently
see you later an expression of farewell
sooner or later eventually; inevitably
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Word Origin and History for later on


comparative of late. Meaning "farewell" is from 1954, U.S. slang, short for see you later.

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Idioms and Phrases with later on

later on

Subsequently, afterward, as in They served the main course, and later on, the dessert, or When can I use the sewing machine?—Later on, when I'm done. [Late 1800s]


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