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[ lat-er-uh-lee ]


  1. from side to side; along a plane:

    You can force plants to grow wide and bushy by training the growth tips to grow laterally rather than cutting off the tops of the shoots.

  2. in a way that involves a broadly equivalent position, office, etc.:

    She worked as a nurse for many years and then, moving laterally, was employed as an area supervisor in the social work field.

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Example Sentences

One lateral-filled kickoff return by the Raiders later, the Dolphins were left to celebrate.

A soundbar is first and foremost meant to elevate your TV’s sound system to a new level, so if you’re taking the plunge, it makes sense to upgrade rather than make a lateral move.

Fish have a lateral line filled with nerve endings to detect noises and vibrations made by both predators and prey.

The Cowboys also used a trick play on a punt return — throwing the ball across the field on a lateral — to set up a field goal.

In humans, this ventral pathway begins in the eyes and proceeds to the lateral geniculate nucleus in the thalamus, a sort of relay station for sensory information.

Instead of going sequentially, city by city, it will be done laterally, with vans going to different locations at the same time.

Presently the travellers turned the point of a naked ridge which projected laterally into the valley.

They have a black head and back, white breast and yellow crest, the feathers of which spread out laterally.

Laterally, the buildings were crowded together, until the upper floors were pushed out on timber brackets for light and air.

All substances attract each other; not only in the direction of the center of the earth, but laterally, as well.

The belly and underside of the tail were yellowish tan with dark brown spots laterally.


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