[ lat-er ]
/ ˈlæt ər /


being the second mentioned of two (distinguished from former): I prefer the latter offer to the former one.
more advanced in time; later: in these latter days of human progress.
near or comparatively near to the end: the latter part of the century.
Obsolete. last1; final.

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Origin of latter

before 1000; Middle English latt(e)re, Old English lætra, comparative of læt late

Can be confusedformer later latterladder latter


[ leyt ]
/ leɪt /

adjective, lat·er or lat·ter, lat·est or last.

adverb, lat·er, lat·est.

Origin of late

before 900; Middle English; Old English læt slow, late; cognate with German lass slothful, Old Norse latr, Gothic lats slow, lazy, Latin lassus tired

Related formslate·ness, nouno·ver·late, adjectiveo·ver·late·ness, noun

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/ (ˈlætə) /

adjective (prenominal)

  1. denoting the second or second mentioned of two: distinguished from former
  2. (as noun; functioning as sing or plural)the latter is not important
near or nearer the endthe latter part of a film
more advanced in time or sequence; later


The latter should only be used to refer to the second of two items: many people choose to go by hovercraft rather than use the ferry, but I prefer the latter. The last of three or more items can be referred to as the last-named


/ (leɪt) /



Derived Formslateness, noun

Word Origin for late

Old English læt; related to Old Norse latr, Gothic lats


Since late can mean deceased, many people think it is better to avoid using this word to refer to the person who held a post or position before its present holder: the previous (not the late) editor of The Times

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