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  1. a structure of crossed wooden or metal strips usually arranged to form a diagonal pattern of open spaces between the strips.
  2. a window, gate, or the like consisting of such a structure.
  3. Physics. the structure of fissionable and nonfissionable materials geometrically arranged within a nuclear reactor.
  4. Also called Bravais lattice, crystal lattice, space lattice. Crystallography. an arrangement in space of isolated points (lattice points) in a regular pattern, showing the positions of atoms, molecules, or ions in the structure of a crystal.
  5. Mathematics. a partially ordered set in which every subset containing exactly two elements has a greatest lower bound or intersection and a least upper bound or union.
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verb (used with object), lat·ticed, lat·tic·ing.
  1. to furnish with a lattice or latticework.
  2. to form into or arrange like latticework.
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Origin of lattice

1350–1400; Middle English latis < Middle French lattis, derivative of latte lath < Germanic; see lath
Related formslat·tice·like, adjective

Synonyms for lattice

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filigree, grill, network, web, frame, grid, grating, net, screen, structure, latticework, fretwork, reticulation, openwork, tracery

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Historical Examples of lattice

  • And as Lee went to the lattice, he could see others, like guards outside.

    The World Beyond

    Raymond King Cummings

  • He flung him off, and sent him crashing into the rosebush and the lattice over which it rambled.

    The Sea-Hawk

    Raphael Sabatini

  • Got it hung on the lattice in my arbor in the garden down home in Maryland.

    Mixed Faces

    Roy Norton

  • He attempted to shake the iron bars of the lattice—they were firm in their sockets.

  • The room had a storm-window, of which the lattice stood open.

    David Elginbrod

    George MacDonald

British Dictionary definitions for lattice


  1. Also called: latticework an open framework of strips of wood, metal, etc, arranged to form an ornamental pattern
    1. a gate, screen, etc, formed of such a framework
    2. (as modifier)a lattice window
  2. something, such as a decorative or heraldic device, resembling such a framework
  3. an array of objects or points in a periodic pattern in two or three dimensions, esp an array of atoms, ions, etc, in a crystal or an array of points indicating their positions in spaceSee also Bravais lattice
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  1. to make, adorn, or supply with a lattice or lattices
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Derived Formslatticed, adjective

Word Origin for lattice

C14: from Old French lattis, from latte lath
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Word Origin and History for lattice


c.1300, from Old French latiz "lattice," from late "lath, board, plank, batten" (Modern French latte), from Frankish or some other Germanic source, cf. Old High German latta "lath;" see lath).

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lattice in Science


  1. A set of points that, when joined together, form the geometric shape of a mineral crystal. The lattice of the mineral halite, for example, is in the shape of a cube. See more at crystal.
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