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/ lɔːdz /


  1. functioning as singular or plural RC Church the traditional morning prayer of the Western Church, constituting with matins the first of the seven canonical hours

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lauds1

C14: see laud

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Example Sentences

Zawahiri lauds the success of al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq in contrast.

Defense minister thanks U.S. and lauds Israeli achievements: "No other army in any country in the world has a system like it."

Yet those members of the cognitive elite that Murray lauds certainly know better.

He lauds the push for stricter regulations on interstate commerce and a range of effective compromises.

Orthros, or′thros, n. one of the Greek canonical hours, corresponding to the Western lauds.

He asked them how long it would be before the brethren would be awakened for nocturnal lauds.

On Sundays, at the conclusion of Lauds, the hebdomadarian gave the blessing to the outgoing and incoming weekly servers.

At the conclusion of Matins he received back his lantern, and going out from the choir rang the bells for Lauds.

It would, therefore, have been probably somewhere about one oclock in the morning that Lauds usually began.