[ lawr-uhn, lor- ]


  1. a female given name.


/ ˈlɔːrən /


  1. LaurenRalph1939MUSFASHION, BEAUTY, ETC: fashion designer Ralph. born 1939, US fashion designer

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Example Sentences

My partner, Lauren, stood beside me shivering as her headlamp illuminated my hands.

Lauren, a 38-year-old from New York City who asked to be identified by first name to preserve her privacy, says she and her wife are living essentially as they did in 2020, even though they’re both fully vaccinated.

From Time

Lauren said she left the group message when the chat got too heated.

Lauren, whom we’re just getting to know, is seen only in a couple of flashes after the first chapter.

As an adult, he courted his wife, Lauren, by taking her to visit bridges, including ones he’d designed, and the first dance at their wedding was to “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

In 1951, director John Huston brought Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall here to film The African Queen.

Khoroshilov assisted Zan for such shows as Kaelen, The Academy or Art, Mara Hoffman, J.Crew, and Greg Lauren.

The Spy Who Loved Me By Lauren Collins, New Yorker An British undercover surveillance operation that went too far.

This argument makes about as much sense as saying that the recent death of actress Lauren Bacall means you should buy a Prius.

With the passing of film legend Lauren Bacall, let us revisit one of the greatest love affairs in the history of cinema.

But now look what the firm is turning out under Trenton Lauren, old Bill's super-efficient son!

Bert studied Lauren from between narrowed eyelids, weighing his qualities further, judging, ever predicting.

A nagging suspicion that Trenton Lauren had found things out, was confirmed.

It meant, perhaps, that Lauren had already taken counteraction secretly.

Bert's concern about his wife's outspoken challenge to Lauren was thus suddenly diverted.


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