[ lav-er-uhk, leyv-ruhk ]

nounChiefly Scot.
  1. a lark, especially a skylark.

Origin of laverock

1275–1325; Middle English laverok,Old English lāwercelark1
  • Also lav·rock [lav-ruhk]. /ˈlæv rək/.

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How to use laverock in a sentence

  • Like the Black Douglas, he likes better to hear the laverock sing than the mouse cheep.

    The Balladists | John Geddie
  • Wee dour looking huiks are the thing, Mouse body and laverock wing.

    Angling Sketches | Andrew Lang
  • The laverock, despite her injuries, was able to proceed under her own steam, but the Medusa was wholly disabled.

  • I don't think I was thinking onything, except a meenit syne, when I lookit up an' wished I was that laverock in the lift.'

    The Guinea Stamp | Annie S. Swan
  • Ay, it is the Gowans and the laverock that you will like best.

British Dictionary definitions for laverock


/ (ˈlævərək, Scottish ˈlevərək, ˈlevrək) /

  1. a Scot and northern English dialect word for skylark (def. 1)

Origin of laverock

Old English lǣwerce lark 1

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