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[ lav-ish-lee ]


  1. profusely, luxuriously, or extravagantly; in great amounts or without limit:

    He spent lavishly, buying up properties and contributing a boat and more than $1 million to local authorities.

    The recipes are lavishly illustrated with large color photographs intended to whet your appetite.

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  • o·ver·lav·ish·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Beijing has lavished subsidies on home-grown chipmakers—mostly to no avail.

From Fortune

On the eve of their daughter Cecily’s lavish wedding, a handyman named Stefan Codrescu bludgeoned a guest named Frank Parris to death.

News of the absent King’s lavish lifestyle provided an unwelcome contrast to the suffering of his subjects­­—not least of all because Vajiralongkorn’s life of luxury is increasingly seen to come at the taxpayer’s expense.

From Fortune

The day before the vote, she offered an amendment to make the legislation, which lavished tax cuts on corporations and the wealthy, more equitable.

A wealthy executive testifying from a lavish vacation home in Hawaii could send the wrong message.

In addition, he had made prudent investments and, except for his wine cellar, did not live lavishly.

Wedged between two marble buildings at the lavishly designed Lincoln Center, sits a single white tent.

He rests lavishly, depicted in a marble sarcophagus that stares up for eternity at the carved depictions of his life story.

Leather bonnets that marked the early 19th century gave way to styled hair and lavishly veiled hats of the 20th century.

The group also spent lavishly on some of its high-ranking executives.

Then she put her anger from her; put from her, too, the insolence and scorn with which so lavishly she had addressed him hitherto.

In the courts of princes and wealthy natives the vessels and tubes are lavishly adorned with precious metals.

Anciently, indeed, what had been lavishly given was not seldom violently taken away.

In Castile was ostentatiously displayed and lavishly spent great fortunes made in remote provinces by oppression and corruption.

It did not occur to Caleb Landor that this was because he had given to the boy lavishly of everything except himself.


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