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lawn chair


  1. a chair or chaise longue designed for use out of doors.

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Example Sentences

My younger daughter and I sit on the grass, six feet from a woman in a lawn chair who basically becomes my best friend because she’s the first person I’ve met in a year.

From Time

I remember telling Ben about the possibility of working at Outside as we sat in lawn chairs in the park.

The 13 people in attendance wore masks I’d ordered with our wedding date printed on them, sat in distanced lawn chairs and sipped gazpacho I’d blended and individually bottled that morning in a frenzy of health-safety panic.

From Time

These are in no particular order, but every one will keep you on the edge of your lawn chair this summer.

From the she shed to the lawn chair, the yoga ball to the beach towel, where we park our bums has occupied our minds more than anything outside the virus itself this pandemic year.

From Ozy

If the Republicans hold the line, Obama will fold faster than a lawn chair.

At the very least McCain will invite Obama over to share a lawn chair.

Possibly in that I was mistaken; for there until now lie the books neglected on a lawn chair within reach of my hand.

Reclining in another lawn chair beside his was Nance, her eyes closed, her face thin and pale.

He was sitting in dappled sunshine in an ordinary lawn chair of tubular magnesium with a back and bottom of gaudy fabric.

Jodi shook her head and said, "You still put a hole in her lawn chair."

An adjustable lawn chair is an important factor in comfort in latitudes where the moon reaches a point high overhead.


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