lay to

verb(intr, adverb) nautical
  1. to bring a vessel into a haven

  2. another term for heave to

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How to use lay to in a sentence

  • So they lay-to outside the horns of the bay and awaited the dawning.

  • I had not been out many days when a tremendous gale sprang up which compelled me to lay-to.

    Hurricane Hurry | W.H.G. Kingston
  • Captain Packenham was not a man to run away from either one or the other, so we backed our main-topsail, and lay-to for them.

    Hurricane Hurry | W.H.G. Kingston
  • Close by the islet a schooner yacht lay-to, and a well-manned boat was pulling vigorously for the shore.

  • The strange vessel backed her topsails and hove-to, while we ranged up and lay-to about a hundred yards off.

    The Coral Island | R.M. Ballantyne