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or lay·up

[ ley-uhp ]


  1. Basketball. a shot with one hand from a point close to the basket, in which a player shoots the ball toward the basket, often off the backboard.
  2. the operation of assembling veneers for pressing into plywood.
  3. the operation of applying alternate layers of material and a binder to form a bonded material.

lay up


  1. to store or reserve for future use
  2. informal.
    usually passive to incapacitate or confine through illness

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lay-up1

First recorded in 1940–45; noun use of verb phrase lay up

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Idioms and Phrases

see laid up ; lay in .

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Example Sentences

The result: Birds lay up to three or four times as many eggs as in nature.

He shall come into Aiath, he shall pass into Magron: at Machmas he shall lay up his carriages.

Some money I do and can lay up, but not much, being worth now above L700, besides goods of all sorts.

If I can persuade him to store his autos and lay up his yacht and sell off his polo ponies—I'll try it, anyhow.

If no one was to lay up money, there would be no one to pay for work, yet toil was considered to be a duty.

He does it just as men lay away money for ‘a rainy day,’ as we say, and as squirrels lay up a store of nuts for the cold weather.


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