1. a suffix of verbs having a frequentative force: dazzle; twinkle.

  2. a suffix of adjectives formed originally on verbal stems and having the sense of “apt to”: brittle.

  1. a noun suffix having originally a diminutive meaning: bramble.

  2. a noun suffix indicating agent or instrument: beadle; bridle; thimble.

Origin of -le

Middle English -len,Old English -lian (v.); Middle English -el,Old English -ol (adj.); Middle English -el,Old English -il (diminutive); Middle English -el,Old English -ol, -ul (agent)

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  1. left end.

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abbreviation for
  1. lupus erythematosus

British Dictionary definitions for -le (2 of 2)


suffix forming verbs
  1. denoting repeated or continuous action, often of a diminutive nature: twiddle; wriggle; wrestle

Origin of -le

from Middle English -len, Old English -lian, with similar significance

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