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/ chĭng /

  1. The removal of soluble material from a substance, such as soil or rock, through the percolation of water. Organic matter is typically removed from a soil horizon and soluble metals or salts from a rock by leaching. Leaching differs from eluviation in that it affects soluble, not suspended, material and often results in the complete removal of the material from the soil or rock.

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Example Sentences

The audience could almost smell the stale beer and cigarette smoke leaching from their skin.

I submit that a regular program of interaction would go miles in leaching partisan poison from the well in Washington.

On the other hand, the texture is sufficiently heavy to prevent undue leaching and drought.

We may place undue emphasis upon this factor, as other causes are at work, but leaching is a leading source of loss.

Another valid argument against extreme fineness of the stone used in liberal applications is the danger of loss by leaching.

The leaching may carry radionuclides elsewhere, however, possibly causing mild contamination of the water table.

Organic manures must be protected against the escape of their ammonia and the leaching out of their soluble parts.