lead oxide

[ led ]

  1. any oxide of lead, as red lead.

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How to use lead oxide in a sentence

  • It is composed of flint, siliceous sand, a little potash or soda, and about two-fifth parts of lead oxide.

  • lead oxide is desirable up to about .5 equivalent and it is an advantage to use feldspar so that K2O may be introduced.

    The Potter's Craft | Charles F. Binns
  • The color is yellowish and the lead oxide is apt to destroy the hue of any colors which are used with it.

    The Potter's Craft | Charles F. Binns
  • When present in sufficient quantity the five last-named give enamel-white beads; lead oxide in excess gives a yellowish bead.

  • It was furthermore observed that the films dry to a more brittle and harder skin than is the case when lead oxide is used.

    Paint Technology and Tests | Henry A. Gardner