leaf miner

or leaf·min·er



any of the larvae of any of numerous insects, as moths of the family Gracilariidae, that live in and feed on the parenchyma of leaves.

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Origin of leaf miner

First recorded in 1820–30

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Examples from the Web for leaf miner

  • Bud caterpillars, the leaf-miner or split-worm and the Tobacco flea beetle are minute beetles which attack it.

    Tobacco Leaves|W. A. Brennan

British Dictionary definitions for leaf miner

leaf miner


any of various insect larvae that bore into and feed on leaf tissue, esp the larva of dipterous flies of the genus Philophylla (family Trypetidae) and the caterpillar of moths of the family Gracillariidae
the adult insect of any of these larvae
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