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[ leest ]


  1. smallest in size, amount, degree, etc.; slightest:

    He gave the least amount of money of anyone.

  2. lowest in consideration, position, or importance.


  1. something that is least; the least amount, quantity, degree, etc.
  2. South Midland U.S. the youngest in a family or group.


  1. to the smallest extent, amount, or degree:

    That's the least important question of all. He talks least.


/ liːst /


    1. the superlative of little

      you have the least talent of anyone

    2. ( as pronoun; functioning as sing )

      least isn't necessarily worst

  1. at least
    1. if nothing else

      you should at least try

    2. at the least
  2. at the least or at least
    at the minimum

    at the least you should earn a hundred pounds

  3. in the least
    usually used with a negative in the slightest degree; at all

    I don't mind in the least


  1. the least
    superlative of little

    they travel the least of all


  1. of very little importance or rank
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Word History and Origins

Origin of least1

First recorded before 950; Middle English leest(e), Old English lǣst, superlative of lǣssa; less
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Word History and Origins

Origin of least1

Old English lǣst, superlative of lǣssa less
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. at least, Also at the least.
    1. at the lowest estimate or figure:

      The repairs will cost at least $100.

    2. at any rate; in any case:

      You didn't get a good grade, but at least you passed the course.

  2. not in the least, not in the smallest degree; not at all:

    I am not in the least concerned about the outcome of the World Series.

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  • last but not least
  • to say the least
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Example Sentences

To be fair, this is one of the least-insulting comparisons Watters could have made.

The Mosel region is arguably the most storied, least-understood wine region in the world.

He has one of the least-lined faces of anyone I have ever met.

The New York/New Jersey/Long Island metropolitan region is the fourth-least-equal U.S. metro region, according to one study.

When you're among the least-prepared students in the class, you're likely to struggle.

I assure you I am very sorry for critics all round,they are the least-regarded and worst-rewarded of all the literary community.

These eight little volumes will always remain Borrow's least-read books.

On Alaska alone, the least-known section of the Pacific coast, there is a bibliographical list of four thousand.

So far Maui had the luck which so commonly attends the youngest and least-considered child in folklore and mythology.

Least-wise, he would rot in a sewer near a busy bus stop replete with all the dronings of archaic feet.


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