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  1. Also called leather jack. any of several carangid fishes having narrow, linear scales embedded in the skin at various angles, especially Oligoplites saurus, found in tropical American waters.
  2. Australian. a pancake or other dough fried over a campfire.
  3. the grub of the crane fly.
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Origin of leatherjacket

First recorded in 1760–70; leather + jacket
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British Dictionary definitions for leatherjacket


  1. any of various tropical carangid fishes of the genera Oligoplites and Scomberoides, having a leathery skin
  2. any of various brightly coloured tropical triggerfishes of the genus Monacanthus and related genera
  3. the greyish-brown tough-skinned larva of certain craneflies, esp of the genus Tipula, which destroy the roots of grasses, etc
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