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leave open

  1. Keep undecided or unscheduled, as in We don't know how much fabric will be needed; let's leave that open , or The doctor leaves Fridays open for consultation . This expression uses open in the sense of “undetermined,” a usage dating from the mid-1500s.

  2. leave oneself open . Remain vulnerable to; also, remain willing to consider. For example, Her actions left her open to widespread criticism , or I left myself open to further suggestions about how to proceed . Also see under lay open .

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Example Sentences

That does leave open a question: could we, or should we, pay more and improve the quality of the government workforce?

They were careful in these discussions not to leave open any possibility of their being overheard.

He left the garden through the rear gate, the latch of which he was obliged to leave open.

He smiled grimly as he thought of M. Delcassé's warning to leave open a road of escape!

I leave open the question whether particular species may have lived on from epoch to epoch.

They go out hand-in-hand through the door, which they leave open.


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