[ lev-it ]


  1. Henrietta, 1868–1921, U.S. astronomer.


/ vĭt /

  1. American astronomer who discovered four novae and over 2,400 variable stars. She also developed a mathematical formula used to measure intergalactic distances.

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Example Sentences

However, a super PAC tied to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has spent over a million dollars to prevent Leavitt from winning.

Most recently, the late-August UNH poll found him ahead of Leavitt only 26 percent to 24 percent, similar to Saint Anselm College’s poll from earlier in August, which found Mowers leading Leavitt 25 percent to 21 percent.

That meant “their periods are apparently associated with their actual emission of light,” Leavitt wrote in 1912.

Leavitt cited a case originally filed in Fulton County for which an appeal was later filed to the Georgia Supreme Court that briefly mentioned the idea of 141,000 suspect votes.

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman, Room by Emma Donoghue, and Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt.

Corporal Robert Leavitt is trapped in the chaos of the Korean War during the No Gun Ri massacre.

An hour or two afterward, Upton perceived a note in the same drawer, Goodridge being then with or near him, and called to Leavitt.

There might have been, and there probably was, an uncurrent or counterfeit note found in the drawer by Leavitt.

Jonathan Leavitt gathered up his reins and drove out of the yard.

Leavitt evidently supposed Shorty was dead beneath the wreckage, and escaped.

Mr. Leavitt was crazy about them, too; but, say, what your mother thinks of these satin slippers I'd hate to tell you.